Vraykos has developed a series of powder mixers, which guarantee complete homogenisation of substances being mixed in a very short time. Fully harmonised with the most stringent health and safety standards. These machines are designed and manufactured by Vraykos in Greece and can be constructed to operate with a paddle or a screw shaft. They ensure the high quality of the final product and offer a solution to the most demanding mixing applications in the food industry.

Dosing station with semi-automated bagging functions

Vraykos’ dosing station with semi-automated bagging functions is the most effective solution in the bagging process, ensuring high-precision weighing. The system’s dual dosing screw enables both fast and slow operation, allowing for the bagging process to be completed within the required time. Easy operation via a custom touch panel at the station gives, as an additional advantage, the operator the ability to choose the recipe based on default operation settings. Bagging is carried out, using a suitable bag sealing mechanism.

Dedusting Filters

 Vraykos’ dedusting filters guarantee high performance in any industrial production. The detailed study of dedusting requirements and the appropriate design of the filters ensure they are highly effective. The high-quality construction of a self-cleaning dedusting filter is a must and can provide a solution to real challenges in the ventilation of premises and machinery. The evacuation of dust from an industrial facility and the air-product separation achieved by Vraykos’ filters result in a smoother and safer production process. Explosion-proof ATEX filters can also be designed as an option. 

Vraykos Constructions

Vraykos’ experience in special constructions allows the company to undertake innovative and high-quality projects. Vraykos offers complete construction solutions for industrial installations, from the definition of technical specifications to quality control.

Automatic Pallet Feeding Machine

Designed for use in an Automatic Palletizing Line, this machine features specialized grippers for securely holding pallet stacks, equipped with a pneumatic restraint and release system. The mechanical lifting system for the upper pallets incorporates rollers and roller guides to facilitate smooth movement. The equipment also includes a 3.2-meter-long roller conveyor for the lower pallets.

Magnet System

Magnet system, proper for the Food Industry with magnetic power > 12.000 Gauss / magnetic bar, enhances the safety of the final product when inserted into the production within the natural flow or in line of a pneumatic conveying system.

Rotating Sieve

Rotating Sieve proper for demanding separation, used in flour or sugar with the ability of easy screen removal and capacity up to 20 tn / h.


Granulometry Product Reduction Unit through friction of a rotating stirrer and a suitable screen.

Melting unit

Fat Melting Unit with Capacity 550 lt, with heated product deposition grid and heated liquid storage tank. 

Small Bag Emptying Machines

Small Bag emptying machines, which tear the bags open, empty the contents and return the material to the production process.

Coating Drums

Comprehensive solutions for the coating of raw materials with aromatic or other type of powders, using the rotating coating drums.

Wafer Coolers

Wafer sheet cooling mechanism which receives the product from a baking oven and moves it until it reaches ambient temperature.

Lump Crushers

Lump crushers for difficult raw materials that need to be broken down into small particles complying with the specific granulometries and dimensions prescribed by the production process.

Dosing Mechanisms

Comprehensive micro-component dosing solutions with Vraykos’ tailor-made and reliable dosing devices.

Vibrating Sieves

High-capacity vibrating sieves for product separation and removal of undesired materials from raw material.


Vraykos manufactures tailor-made, high-quality flour silos, polygonal silos (with multiple compartments), and stirring silos.

Chain Conveyors for Finished Products

Chain Conveyors (Redler) for long-distance movement of flour within the industrial facility.

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts for the movement of finished products, designed for functionality and flexibility.

Screw Conveyors

High-capacity screw conveyors manufactured in line with the most advanced safety standards. Possibility of ATEX certification.

Big Bag Filling Stations

Transferable Big Bag filling station. The station comes with an integrated weighting system, giving the operator the ability to hang the empty Big Bag easily: by simply moving the back hooks in front of the operator.

Big Bag Emptying Stations

High-performance emptying stations with integrated safety cage designed by Vraykos.


High-quality airlocks with steel or stainless steel shell and rotor suitable for use in suction or pressurized pneumatic conveying systems.

Filter – Cyclones

Filter Cyclones for air-product separation with integrated self-cleaning filter to be inserted into a pneumatic conveying system.

Double wall heated tanks with stirring mechanism

Heated and insulated storage tanks for viscous liquids – such as chocolate, hazelnut paste and dextrose, complying with high hygiene standards.

Bag Dumping Stations

Bag Damping Stations with built-in vibrating sieve, door absorber and outlet to connect to a ventilation / dedusting network.

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