VRAYKOS electromechanical equipment for Aktina Foods

Category: Ready Mix Industry
Sector: Food Industry
Systems: Receiving, Storage, Air Transport, Weighing, Mixing, Packaging & Bagging Machines
Activity: Design, Engineering, Construction, Assembly


Aktina Foods, a pioneer in the production of special powder mixes (Dry Mix) in the Bakery and Confectionery sectors, has made one of the largest strategic investments in the Greek Food Industry, with the implementation of a new production unit in the area of Oinofyta at the end of 2022.  

Aktina Foods initially acquired the machinery and facilities of the company CREDIN’s old special mixes production unit, which had been a leading player in the ”Dry Mix” sector in Greece and abroad for many years and had ceased operations in the previous five years.


Subsequently, it began collaborating with VRAYKOS to implement a new production unit with a capacity target of 35 tn per 8-hour shift 100 tn per day for the production of special mixes for flour milling and confectionery (Dry Mix). This capacity makes this manufacturing facility a leader in the Balkans.

Specifically, VRAYKOS undertook the study, design, and implementation of the following:

  1. Complete reconstruction of 10 existing powder mixing machines with a total capacity of more than 11 tons.
  2. Weighing and filling control systems for mixing machines.
  3. Systems for the evacuation of mixing and dosing machines in portable bagging systems.
  4. Installation for receiving, storing, milling, and airlifting sugar with a capacity of 5 tn/h, directly to 7 mixing machines.
  5. Receiving, storage, and pneumatic conveying system for flour with a capacity of 5 tn/h on 7 mixers.
  6. Portable Bagging Systems for bag sizes ranging from 10 to 25 kg, as well as Big Bags. 
  7. Big Bag Evacuation Systems 
  8. Power supply for four (4) packing machines.
  9. Individual Dedusting Systems during the production process.
  10. Personalized Management System for approximately 1,000 different recipes via a modern Industrial Automation system.


This project was a challenge for VRAYKOS because it involved many complex cases of customized solutions in production that required a high level of experience and know-how to implement. 

Aktina Foods, like all companies operating in the ready-mix industry and handling many different raw materials with the same equipment, has specific operational requirements. These specifications concern product rotation flexibility during the manufacturing process, ensuring high quality and easy, quick cleaning of their machinery.

In addition to flexibility, the high capacities of the new systems had to be serviced, making it more challenging to find technical solutions.

During the beginning of the study by the technical team of VRAYKOS, several questions arose to which the company was asked to provide a solution, such as:

  1. The spatial positioning of the large mixing machines, which had to be reconstructed, and the addition of new electromechanical equipment (weighing systems) to ensure easy accessibility, maintenance, and cleaning.
  2. The reconstruction of the mixing machines was a huge challenge, with the VRAYKOS technical team having to reconstruct entire stainless steel parts of the machine. The reconstruction of the mixers’ drive and stirring systems was crucial, as they are the core of the production process. VRAYKOS would provide Aktina Foods with a guarantee of proper operation on the reconstructed machines.
  3. The handling systems’ flexibility and synchronization, with each mixing machine supplying either bags (10 to 25 kg), big bags, or micro-packs of 0.5 or 1 kg.
  4. Analytical recipe management system with the ability to communicate with Aktina Foods’ ERP system 



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