Complete Production Lines for the bulk handling of raw materials in every field of the Food Industry, a highly demanding field that Vraykos knows in depth.

Flour mills are one of the most demanding industrial establishments. Vraykos has been a partner to the major flour industries of Greece.

The industries of bakery and snacks are two of the main poles of the Greek Food Industry. Vraykos has been making an impact in these fields for the past decades.

The Greek Chocolate Industry has been gaining ground and Vraykos has been a dependable partner to Greek chocolate companies. Discover our technology.

Vraykos is the most valuable partner when it comes to the bulk handling of coffee. Discover all the available mechanical solutions.

The rise of the Greek brewery has been spectacular. Vraykos, having great know-how in the management of viscous liquids of difficult flow, provides solutions through its storage, dosing and handling systems.

The Ready Mixes industry requires precision mixing and flexibility in the production process. Trust Vraykos complete integrated dosing systems and mixers.

There has been a significant augmentation of the Pet Food Industry and Vraykos has been an active part of this development. Our years of experience in the field of stock – farming feeds is what makes us stand out.

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