VRAYKOS & PepsiCo: A Collaboration Built on Quality and Innovation 

VRAYKOS’s commitment to excellence continues with our long-standing partnership with PepsiCo. Read about our collaborative success story in the latest issue of Manufacturing Magazine, where we detail our turnkey projects and cutting-edge solutions in bulk handling and process engineering that have driven innovation across borders. 

VRAYKOS – PepsiCo: A long-term collaboration of continuous development, quality and innovation.

VRAYKOS maintains a prosperous collaboration with the renowned multinational company PepsiCo, accomplishing turnkey projects on a national and global scale. A partnership founded on engineering challenges that resulted in the development of high-quality, innovative projects propelled by expertise and superiority.

1. What is VRAYKOS’ domestic market performance, and how has it established itself as a reliable partner for large multinational companies, transcending national boundaries?

VRAYKOS started its activity in the early 1990s as the first Greek company to undertake complete Industrial Raw Materials Handling projects.

The company gradually gained the trust of large multinational companies with its know-how and ethical values by implementing high quality technical projects with a range of electromechanical equipment systems covering all stages of the production process of an industry.

Today, VRAYKOS is considered a pioneer in the fields of Bulk Handling and Process Engineering, both in Greece and in the wider Balkan region in countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Kosovo and Nigeria. Investing in R&D and Automation departments, it develops Turnkey Projects using all modern digital tools in the era of Industry 4.0.

2. What is the position of the multinational company PepsiCo in the global market?

PepsiCo is a successful international company that creates long-term value for society and the economy. The company offers an extensive selection of foods and beverages, which are consumed by customers in over two hundred countries worldwide. Among its iconic brands are Lay’s, Doritos, Cheetos, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, Quaker and SodaStream, which generate estimated annual retail sales of more than $1 billion each, with PepsiCo’s turnover expected to exceed $86 billion in 2022.

The company’s success is tied to sustainable growth and social benefit. At its heart is the philosophy of “Winning with Purpose” by upholding the values it espouses of continuously improving its products, protecting the planet and empowering its employees worldwide.

3. How did the collaboration between VRAYKOS and PepsiCo Hellas begin, and which innovative projects contributed to its long-term success?

The cooperation between VRAYKOS and PepsiCo Hellas started in 1997 with the implementation of the new Installation for the new snack factory of Tasty Foods (as PepsiCo Hellas was then called), which involved the processes of Intake, Conveying, Weighing and
Mixing of Raw Materials and subsequently the Feeding of 7 Snack Production Lines. This project was a complete success and is still a benchmark for the operation of the plant today.

Subsequently, the partnership was extended with the completion of two more large-scale projects, the assembly of the Corn-Flakes Production Line and the Intake, Conveying, Weighing and Mixing of Raw Materials and Feeding of the new Snack Production Extruder. The collaboration continued with smaller projects such as the renovation of ‘’Pitsinia’’ Pneumatic Conveying System , the new Pneumatic Conveying System for the Popcorn Production Feed, the two Dedusting Systems for the Snacks line and the Reconfiguration-Reconstruction of 11 belt elevators for Snack.

The high level of engineering solutions provided by VRAYKOS in case of emergency breakdowns and plant maintenance, combined with the implementation of small projects that required an equally high level of engineering, led to the establishment of a stable, excellent partnership that continued at two more group plants, Marbo in Serbia and IVI Soft Drinks.

The successful cooperation was rewarded in 2024 with the award of two major projects: the Reconfiguration of the 6-tank Oil Feeding System and the Quaker Receiving System in big bag and Packaging Machine Feeding.

4. What are PepsiCo Hellas’ technical requirements for raw material handling, and what innovative solutions has VRAYKOS proposed?

The PepsiCo Group has set specific international standards that concern the safety and quality of the electromechanical equipment installed in all its factories.

The technical requirements that VRAYKOS successfully satisfies, including the high standards and requirements for conveying raw materials, the demanding mixing and homogenization systems, and the fragility of ready-to-package products, guarantee the highest quality of PepsiCo Hellas products.

5. What technical advantages does VRAYKOS possess that qualify it as a preferred partnering option, and according to what evaluation criteria does PepsiCo Hellas select it?

The peculiarities of the industrial production of factories dedicated to the production of snacks are numerous and require long-term experience in this field in order to successfully deal with them.

The high capacities specified in a food factory of such magnitude, the criticality of the safety systems of each implemented plant, the flexibility of the industrial automation systems, and ensuring the uninterrupted operation (24/7) of the installed equipment are the main parameters that VRAYKOS was called upon to address during its cooperation with PepsiCo Hellas.

6. What technical innovations does VRAYKOS intend to introduce in its future cooperation with PepsiCo Hellas?

VRAYKOS is able to provide its services through its innovative systems, which follow the current course of technological developments worldwide. Each technical solution responds to specific technical problems, but all of them have the same denominator in terms of industrial production: automation of processes, saving of human and energy resources, reduction of industrial production costs. The future predicts important developments concerning modern technological development, and VRAYKOS is ready to expand its successful cooperation with PepsiCo Hellas, following the same values of the last two decades.



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