Vraykos as an exclusive representative in Greece and Cyprus

Vraykos is the exclusive representative of Cablevey Conveyors in Greece and Cyprus thus formalizing a highly successful 5 year partnership. A result of many consecutive installations in the major industrial plants of Greece. 

Cablevey manufactures tubular conveyors for raw materials, in powder or grain form, able to operate in a wide range of capacities with flexibility and safety for the product during the conveying procedure.

Vraykos as a partner to renowned companies

Vraykos  has taken on the exclusive representation of Singold, a leading German company in material flow solutions and pneumatic knockers, for the Greek and Cypriot markets.

Vraykos has been a partner of Buhler, an internationally recognized company . We have been using Buhler’s specialized machinery and equipment for the past 30 years.

A valuable partner throughout the years, Derichs has been cooperating with Vraykos since the latter’s first steps in bulk handling.

Rembe has been a great partner in the field of explosion prevention and protection, ATEX. Rembe is represented in Greece by Chimar.

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